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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where can Landscape Architecture take you?

Argentine Asado in Cordoba: Blood Sausage,
 Brains, Kidney, Intestines, and Chorizo
Landscape Architecture is defined as the partnership of disciplines including design thinking, fine arts, architecture, and other design oriented themes for the creation of projects ranging from public parks and parkways to academic campuses or urban city master plans.
Many of us are unaware of this intriguing profession, one that can take you around the world and back, maybe even the moon one day. The University of Kentucky Landscape Architecture Department has done just that; they are now requiring their students to study abroad at least once while in the five-year program. 
Fitz Roy Spires in Patagonia,
 with Katelyn Nixon.
This past summer eight students including myself traveled to South America for two-weeks and some stayed for an additional two-weeks!  This was an experience of a lifetime and would not have been possible without Landscape Architecture.  While on this trip I caught a wicked awesome bug and it has yet to leave, it’s the travel bug!
Our journey began in the capital city of Chile, Santiago, then continued west across the Andes Mountains and into Argentina.  In Argentina we visited several cities Mendoza, which has some tasty wine, Cordoba, Rosario, and Buenos Aires, the capital. I wish I could show you every picture from the trip however it may take several weeks and that would only cover the first half of my trip, the second half of my trip was not school related but was equally as epic.  The picture above is one of the more memorable meals on the trip, it consisted of almost all parts of a cow and it was delicious!

I spent the last two-weeks of my journey in Patagonia where I was able to complete a dream of mine which is represented in the picture above.
Charlie is a senior in Landscape Architecture.  He is from Bowling Green, Kentucky.  

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  1. Charlie, this was so cool to read about! I hope I can hear more about it soon, and see more pictures as well. I'm so glad that the Landscape Architecture program has expanded to allow students to have this unique opportunity.