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Monday, December 9, 2013

She Goes Out Walking....

Note: While the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment does think it's a good idea to clear your head and walk around campus and Lexington, make sure you are following these safety tips as presented by the UK Police Department.

Recently, I have taken a few walks around campus in the middle of the night. A contrast from the usual shuffle, energy, and sunshine, it is peaceful and quiet. On my walk, I reflected on some of the opportunities I have at UK. 

At UK there are thousands of organizations to get involved in. You can learn a martial art, a new language, get fit, or watch movies. There are so many people here that you will find people that share your passions, dreams, and truths. You’ll be busy balancing work, classes, a social life, your health, your family, and sanity. Let’s focus on that last one.

At college, it is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed. Personally, I want to experience everything so I always say “yes”. There are endless opportunities in college and the most important part is that you have enough time to enjoy them. What is the point of doing everything if you’re rushing between events and meetings and are constantly thinking about the next thing you have to do. Live in the moment. Sometimes it is better to be more deeply involved a few organizations so that you can be a part of the leadership and gain skills that future employers are looking for. A lot of people can show up to meetings and manage their time to make sure they can get from one commitment to another, but being able to organize a group of people and have them work together towards a common goal is an accomplishment. And when the teams that you dedicated so much time to finally succeed, you have to be in the moment to enjoy the accomplishment.

Knowing the resources on campus will also help you stay sane. There’s free tutoring for all students and a great variety of centers that can help with everything from getting involved with community service to helping students who have sprained their ankle and have a “roller” so they have to figure a new way around campus. Another often overlooked resource on campus is the professors. Whether you’ll want to get involved with research or need some help with class, professors are always available. They have office hours at which you can reach them and a majority of them are willing to help students who need further guidance or review of the materials.

In order to stay sane, I also encourage you to take an occasional walk at night. Not only is it beautiful, it is an escape of the fast paced, demanding world that continuously surrounds us. Our brains need time to wander and it is actually proven that people who regularly take short walks in nature, such as parks or the UK arboretum, are actually more mindful that others. So taking time out of your day to not think about anything specific can help you focus more in the future. Make sure you think about what you want to get involved in once you get to college- just make sure to include seeing campus from a different perspective. 

Daniella is a sophomore studying Agricultural Economics.  She is from Washington Court House, Ohio.  


  1. Great points Daniella! As my senior year has been flying before my eyes, I have been reflecting on how busy and hectic my days and weeks have become. I love to be busy but I am quick to say "yes" to every opportunity as well. My advice parellels with yours. Get involved with a few organizations and make them the best you can. Develope programs, serve on a committee and volunteer to help with a fundraiser. Provide your support and ask for guidance. Our culture values "being busy" more than having down time. You need down time to not only recenter yourself but to also allow your mind to be creative. Great blog Daniella!

  2. I agree with both of you and that has always been my number 1 advice to students coming in Kellie! Great minds think alike! Great job Daniella!